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Tappen BC Canada


Photo's taken on Dymond "K" Ranch

Panoramic view from our Front yard

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2004 - 2005

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Parrots on DYMOND "K" Ranch




There have been four generations of our family living on Dymond K Ranch. Robert Pemberton Kennedy brought his family from Pitt Meadows in the Fraser Valley to Tappen in the Shuswap on April 21, 1959. Other Kennedy family members followed a few years later.

Interestingly, this was exactly 100 years after Robert's grandfather, James Kennedy brought his family to the Fraser Valley from Whitby, Ontario.  This all took place just 4 months after British Columbia became a colony and over 12 years before it became the province of British Columbia, after joining  Canadian Confederation on July 20, 1871.

They settled in New Westminster and in 1860 James Kennedy was the first to pre-empt land across the Fraser River in the area that was to become the municipality of Surrey (Surrey was incorporated in 1879) - First of the Kennedy Farming Family. On January 31, 1861 he signed a contract to build the first trail from his place down to the Fraser River to what was later Brownsville, and later, extended south to the Mud Bay flats.  

In 1913, Robert P. Kennedy's father, Robert brought his family to Pitt Meadows from New Westminster to take up farming. He and his brothers had sold the Columbian Newspaper and ceased business of Kennedy Brothers Realty and financial brokers, when there came the crash in which many a substantial fortune dissolved.

In 1937 Robert P. Kennedy was wed and shortly after purchased his own farm at the mouth of the Alouette River just up the Pitt River from his father's farm 

The Kennedy family is now seven generations in British Columbia.  There have been five Kennedy family generations living on adjoining farms in Tappen, BC.    April 2006 celebrates 147 years in British Columbia and 47 years in Tappen, BC



View of Recline Ridge Vineyards & Winery

in foreground,  Dymond "K" Ranch in background

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Hidden Wineries of BC

Firestone Vineyard

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